Start 2018 with Healthy Resolutions

As 2017 draws to a close, and we get ready to welcome 2018, one thing that’s always on our minds is New Year Resolutions. While there are many resolutions you can take to make your life better, one aspect that can change your life for the better is always health resolutions, as good health ensures

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Ayurveda for effective parenting

Of all relationships that you encounter in your life, if there is one which entails hundred percent responsibilities and needs utmost care, it is parenting. Parenting is a crucial responsibility that entails bringing up a child mentally, physically, and socially in the best possible way. It is a difficult task for both parents as well

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Announcing a One-Day Workshop on “Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants & Cultivation” in association with Kerala Medicinal Plants Board

The Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust, in association with the Kerala State Medicinal Plants Board is proud to announce a One-Day Workshop on “Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants & Cultivation” to be held at the Satcos Auditorium Mini Hall, Mayyil, on 7 May 2017 from 9:30 am onwards.

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Ayurvedic Practices during Pregnancy

Ayurveda has been found to be not only the oldest medical science but also the safest, hence is perfect to be used during pregnancy. There is a whole package of practices that Ayurvedic vaidyars prescribe starting with conception. One of the most used and safest medicines is the Mahadhanwantharan Gulika. This medicine not only takes

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What is Digital Eye Strain?

World has developed by leaps and bounds, and digitally we have scaled many new heights. As we encourage new digitization and more technological advancements, a question that keeps propping up is, how much digital is enough? Prolonged hours in front of a digital screen have led to a new eye disorder, aptly being called “Digital

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