This is monsoon and very soon the cold harsh winter is going to be upon us, and it is this time that the tech savvy population starts to suffer from a very common eye condition, Dry Eyes. Dry eye occurs when there is low tear production, or when the tear quality is poor and the tears evaporate too quickly. When people blink, tears spread evenly over the eye, keeping them smooth, healthy and clear. However, during cold weather conditions, the humidity drops and most people turn on the heat in their homes or offices to combat the cold. This creates a situation when you end up having lower humidity outside, and even lower humidity inside, making for warm, dry conditions where moisture can evaporate from the eye faster than normal. This can leave the eyes feeling gritty, dry, stuck and irritated.

Here are a few protective steps that can help you overcome this condition:
Hydrate yourself: Hydration is an excellent way to keep your eyes moist and avoid from drying.
Protect your eyes: Protecting your eyes from extreme weather conditions as well as dust and allergens can help.
Clean your contacts: If you use contact lenses, cold weather can dry your eyes faster, hence always maintain your lenses clean to avoid any infections.
Divert heat from your face: You might not feel it at the time, but blowing heat directly onto your face is drying up moisture in your eyes.

People with dry eyes may experience itchy, aching, fatigued, burning or red eyes. Blurred vision and sensitivity to light may also occur. Itoozhi Ayurveda specializes in Eye treatments and has excellent facilities to cure all types of Eye ailments.

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