Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Treatment with Ayurveda

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the water content in the eyes are unable to provide enough moisture or lubrication.

This can make the eyes irritable and can be uncomfortable. Extreme cases also include a stinging or burning sensation. There are a number of reasons for this syndrome and the most common ones include, quick evaporation of tears, blocks in oil glands, stunted tear production and abnormality in the lipids of the tear layer. Some of the symptoms used to detect this condition are dry and sore eyes, burning and itching sensation, blurred or filmy vision, sensitivity to light, feeling of something stuck in the eye, redness and intermittent watering.

Common Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

These can be caused by hormonal changes, age, auto-immune diseases, medications like oral contraceptives and antidepressants, weather change, air travel, prolonged use of contact lenses or excessive use of glaring screen equipment like television, computers, smartphones, etc. In this technological age where everything is accessible on the go, most people, especially youngsters are glued on to their smartphones and tablets while on the move or to the television sets and laptops / computers while at home. It is noted that during looking a screen constantly, the eyelids blink a lot less than normal and this causes the tear to evaporate faster. The dry eyes caused due to this is also referred to as the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The fatigue to the eye along with the dryness can also cause headaches and poor vision.

Addressing Computer Vision Syndrome

CVS can be avoided with simple measures for eye treatment such as keeping an optimal distance between the eyes and the screen, adjusting the screen tilt and brightness, sitting in an ergonomic posture and most importantly giving the eyes a break in frequent intervals.

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Dry Eye Treatment in Ayurveda

Apart from these, there are many dry eye treatments in Ayurveda which can help in further soothing the irritation to the eyes. The non-invasive treatments include applying herbal medicinal paste over the eyes which aim at treating the root cause of the syndrome and increasing the water content to a healthy level.

For a generation who cannot do without its luminous screens, caring for the eye is of paramount importance. And ailments that arise out of  our ever-increasing dependability on electronics, Ayurveda still holds the key to addressing the issues brought about by strain and stress to our sensory organs.

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