ItoozhiLong ago when western medicine was still alien to a vast population across the globe, a majority of them relied on traditional medicine. It is here that Ayurveda, based on the basic principles of life & longevity, offered a safe and reliable alternative to patients suffering from chronic and degenerative diseases.

With its origin 3,000 years ago in the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda has long been touted as a safe and reliable form of this treatment, especially since it has no known major side effects in any form of treatments. Much before stem cell research had its roots and started being touted as an effective form of regenerative therapy, Ayurveda has been practicing regenerative therapy in various forms. Stem cell discovery has indeed been a milestone, but the question doing rounds amongst the medical fraternity has been whether it is possible to naturally accelerate the repair and regeneration process in the human body.

The Tridosa ayurvedic concept of Vata, Pitta & Kabha very well could apply to regenerative therapy as well. Known as Rasayana, this therapy encompasses health management, longevity & disease therapy.

Itoozhi Ayurveda, nestled in the Malabar in southern India, has been a pioneer in regenerative therapy and has over the years, researched and evolved therapies addressing various ailments. So go ahead and experience Regenerative Therapy – the Ayurveda way.

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