Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression


Depression is one of the most challenging disorders that today’s generation is grappling with, with so much stress and fatigue; arising out of competition, unhealthy lifestyle as well as a highly polluted environment. Depression can be of varying degrees and can stretch from mild to severe, and can lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, anger, excessive fear or timidity, even driving the afflicted person to commit suicide. Ayurveda has excellent medicines for such psychiatric disorders.

While mental and psychological therapy is critical, these can be aided by some lifestyle changes that can speed up the rehabilitation process. A few simple steps are listed below:
Yoga exercises with an ayurvedic diet.
Pancha karma – sirodara , sirovasti, abhyanga with weekly once of shat kriya.

A few Ayurvedic medicines that can help the cure are Manasa mitra vatakam, Sarvthaiaristam, Brahmi ghirta, Kalyank ghirtam, Mahakalyana ghirtam, Maha panchagavya ghrtam, Sarswathi ghrtam, Panchagandha churnam, Sarsvatha churnam, Dasamoola aristam and Unmada gajakesri rasa. Oils like Brahmi tailam, Mnjisthadi tailam, Nirgundi tailam help in soothinf nerves and gives a calming effect to the mind.

Itoozhi Ayurveda specializes in mental disorders and can be of immense help to cure any such disorders.

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