Continuing the series on simple steps to healthy living, here are the last four steps, that you can follow effortlessly.

4. Stay Active: While therapies and massages work to oil your body, exercise is equally important. Yoga can be as effective as any form of exercise. In some cases, it can even work better for overall mental and physical well-being. Specific asanas or postures in yoga can achieve certain health benefits. For instance, the dhanurasana helps with indigestion and constipation as well as liver problems. Naukasana, halasana, bhujanangasana, and vajrasana are said to help with diabetes-related problems.

5. Sharpen Your Mind With Meditation: While physical body benefits from therapies and yoga, the mind and psychological makeup are just as important as the physical body and need to be nurtured well. Clarity of mind can be achieved through a blend of discipline, regular exercise, and if possible, meditation or prayer. Transcendental meditation techniques can help you let off steam and truly de-stress, and make you mentally and emotionally stronger.

6. Eat Well: Food is one of the main pillars of health and happiness, according to Ayurveda. Diet or Ahara is seen as a preventive medicine for the body. Mealtimes are meant to only that and this means no multitasking during lunch at work or in front of the television at home. Eat a varied balanced diet that balances sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, salty, and astringent tastes. Avoid drinking iced or very cold water during mealtimes a season and opt for room temperature or gently warmed water at all times. Sip on a little water during your meal, but not too much. Eat fresh food as much as possible. Every season brings seasonal foods, so stick to foods that are seasonally appropriate.

7. Set Up A Bedtime Routine: Like waking up, getting to bed is also important. Set a fixed bedtime and stick to it. The aim is to have a clear head, one that isn’t buzzing with ideas and is free of worries. Music or a short 5–10 minute session of meditation or prayer may help. You should also wash your face, feet, and hands before you tuck yourself into bed. Failing to follow a regular bedtime routine can cause disturbance of all the doshas (balancing energies) in the body. Equally, a healthy sleep routine should help to maintain the balance.

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