As a continuum to the earlier article on Ayurvedic super foods, here comes part 2 and some more super foods. As always, these are also so easily available.

1. Turmeric: An international super food, turmeric is an all rounder, thanks to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal propeities. It is used to treat skin conditions, detoxify the liver and is excellent for diabetics as it lowers blood sugar. While it can be applied directly to treat wounds, it is very beneficial when ingested, preferably when mixed in milk with some black pepper and honey.

2. Ghee: Clarified butter (as ghee is also known) actually lowers cholesterol, thanks to its content of omega-3 fatty acids, and helps improve heart health. It also helps maintain healthy eyesight and skin, and trumps carbs as an excellent source of energy.

3. Tulsi: Tulsi leaves, ginger and cardamom boiled in water make for a healing potion to treat sore throats, headaches and chest congestion. This herb, revered in India, is also used in Juice form as itis also effective in treating acne, as well as other skin disorders such as ring worm infections, rashes and itchiness. Regular consumption of tulsi also helps purify the blood, reduce blood sugar and build immunity.

4. Brahmi: The actual Ayurvedic super food, Brahmi or Bacopa is used to balance the three body types specified in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha,and also helps sustain brain and nervous system functions. Brahmi also helps improve memory power. It is advised that the herb should be consumed only after medical consultation as it can cause a few minor side effects depending upon the person’s physiological condition.

Leading ayurvedic hospitals use these herbs extensively to treat various ailments.

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