Ayurveda, while being a medical science, also offers various benefits by way of food knowledge and its impact on bodily functions. Diet is an important factor in Ayurvedic treatment, and hence Ayurveda also advises on food combinations and similar diet characteristics.

A few combinations that Ayurveda advices as bad pairings are as below:

1. Spinach with Tomato: This combination can cause kidney stones, as both are rich in oxalate and hence can result in formation of calcium oxalate stones.

2. Milk/curd with Brinjal: A potentially harmful combination, in regards to the digestive process.

3. Honey and Ghee: Mixing heated honey with ghee can result in harmful toxins being released, which in turn can act as poison for the body.

4. Milk and Banana: A combination that many think are beneficial for the body, this is actually a dangerous combination due to the fact that it can diminish agni, produce toxins and cause congestion, cold and allergies.

It is always advisable to consult an Ayurvedic physician before you start any diet plan, as various foods can have different impacts on health. Itoozhi Ayurveda, a leading Ayurvedic Hospital in Kannur, Kerala, in close proximity to the Kannur International airport, offers various treatments for lifestyle as well as chronic disorders.

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