MarmaAs a continuum to the last post, here is a brief on the treatment involved as far as marma shastra is concerned. When an injury, known as marma abhigata happens, it yields to symptoms. If the injury is severe, the resulting symptoms are comparable to poison in the body. If less severe, it leads to minor symptoms or disease at a later stage. The main aim of marma therapy is to clear channels and maintain proper circulation of vata. Marma treatment is primarily used to treat diseases pertaining to marma – vital body points, such as bones, muscles, tendons, joints etc…
In marma shastra, injuries are classified into two:

1. Sudden Injury

If injury is minor, external stimulation is given on pressure points and corrected. If more severe, bandaging, massaging or oral medication may be prescribed.

2. Neuro Muscular disorders

These are mostly muscular disorders or degenerative diseases like tennis elbow, cervical spondylitis, Carpel tunnel syndrome etc… In Such cases, apart from site of discomfort, other places of origin of disease in the body is also treated.
As marma therapies involves applying pressure on the marma points, application of pressure is also classified into different types. With a simple thumb, pressure can be applied and is used to stimulate the marma points. As per shastra, there are 17 types of pressure techniques and each is unique depending upon the position and situation. A major factor affecting the success of this therapy is the age of patient. Younger the better!
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