Food is the elixir that keeps us alive, and it is natural that you respect your food. All faiths across the globe are unequivocal in showing respect for food. Eating in a proper sit-down arrangement is a way of showing respect to the food you eat.

Ayurveda is very clear that if you want to have a peaceful meal, you have to focus on your plate. Distractions while eating lead to not chewing food properly which can cause digestive issues. Stress, commitments and any other distractions need to be set aside while eating. Sitting down and eating ensures you are a little less distracted and draws more of your attention towards what is plated. In ancient times, people used to sit down on floor and have their meals in peace for a good span of time. When you are sitting and eating, your posture is ideal for smooth digestion, and keeps gastric problems at bay.

Sitting and eating means that you are less likely to rush through your meals, and is also considered to be more healthy and weight-loss friendly, as it rapidly increases fullness and gives you better signal of when you are satiated, which further amounts to a reduced calorie intake. So, taking some time out of your busy schedule to have your meal may not be that bad an idea.

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