With the advent of technology and increased usage of computers, many health disorders have surfaced of late. Common among them is the Dry Eye Syndrome, a very common eye disorder where abnormalities surface in any of the components of tear secretion (quantitatively or qualitatively) thereby leading to the instability of the tear film, resulting in drying of the ocular surface. Tear secretion is important as it provides continuous moisture and lubrication on the ocular surface to maintain comfort, corneal, and conjunctival health and vision.

While Allopathy has approaches to treat this syndrome, Ayurveda shows a different approach in treating Dry Eye Syndrome. Ayurveda believes in treating the deranged vata. Eyes being the seat of Pitta dosha, can be very well treated with ghee. Generally Triphala ghrit is used in treating eye diseases. Ghee has its own nutritional values, it helps in regulating functions of extra-occular muscles, eyelids, and tears. It thus decreases the dryness of the eyes, irritation and burning sensation prevailing in the eyes. Procedures like Netratarpanam, Nasya and Gandush are also known to give good results. While treatment is important, changes in lifestyle like using Humidifiers at our work place or while at home, keeping air vents of heaters, air conditioners, hair dryers away from your face, and most importantly taking a break from computer screens after a minimum span of 30 mins, can also help in treatment. It is important to blink eyes often, as this helps to spread tears over the surface of eyes. Itoozhi Ayurveda, a leading Ayurvedic Hospital in Kannur, has a specialized department for Eye Treatment and is known to cure new generation Eye Disorders in a safe way.

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