Low libido is s serious issue nowadays and a host of factors, from stress to lifestyle to negative impact of technology is responsible for this. A lot many medicines focus on increasing libido, but many of these come with some serious side effects. Another concern related to male reproductive health is sterility. Ayurveda can certainly help us get a deeper understanding of these complex issues and deal with them in a holistic manner with the use of herbs along with diet and lifestyle guidelines. A unique aspect of this approach is that it aims to resolve the underlying factors that caused the imbalance in the first place.

Low libido manifests itself in different forms such as lack of sexual energy or desire, as sexual debility or as the inability to perform properly. Symptoms of sexual debility may include lack of interest, erectile weakness, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission and spermatorrhea, or the involuntary discharge of semen. Male sterility is a condition where the quality or quantity of the semen is low or altogether absent. This problem can easily go undetected, as it doesn’t necessarily affect the sexual desire.

Low libido and sterility can be caused due many reasons that include poor diet and inappropriate food combining, overuse of bitter, astringent, salty, sour or spicy foods, emotional strain, improper fasting, old age, genetic factors, suppression of urges, excessive exercise and bicycling. Other important factors seen in clinical practice associated with low libido are general stress, overwork, substance abuse, improper diet and lifestyle, financial worries and troubled relationships, and using sex as one of the main outlets for stress and tension. Skillfully improving the diet and reducing stress through methods such as regular yoga, meditation, nature walks, and other creative means can help clients respond better to herbal treatment and improve their symptoms faster.

Itoozhi Ayurveda is proficient in dealing with reproductive issues and conducts therapy sessions for couples to address this problem.

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