A country’s overall growth is determined by the way the population has access to quality healthcare facilities. This reflects not only in the economic growth but also social and political health. As per WHO, almost half of the world’s population lacks access to quality health services. Also, expensive medical services lead to extreme poverty in most cases.

Traditional Medicines are a huge alternative to Western style of treatment, which apart from being expensive, also lead to severe side effects, in some cases. This is where Ayurveda proves its worth.

Here are 3 reasons, why Ayurveda and India could lead the way to create a better healthy world.

1. Western medicine is a very expensive way of treatment. Since it involves machines and technology, the treatment costs always spiral out of control.

2. A holistic and preventive medical science, Ayurveda is the oldest system dating back to more than 3,500 years. No medicine system understands body and mind so deeply and wholly as Ayurveda does. Its treatment and therapies based on natural herbs can cure any disease

3. Ayurveda treatment is an amalgamation of right treatment with the perfect diet, and is a holistic way of treatment, which not only cures diseases from the root, but also creates a healthy human being, by developing the right metabolism, as per individualistic needs.

With a focus on research, innovation and market creation, Ayurveda can become the first call of treatment. Itoozhi Ayurveda is a leading Hospital in Kannur, Kerala, which not only emphasizes on treatment but also has a research wing, always striving to find the right treatment for various lifestyle ailments.

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