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  • Ayurvedic Eye Treatment at Itoozhi Ayurveda

Itoozhi Ayurveda has a dedicated Ayurvedic Eye Clinic or the Itoozhi Nethrachikithsalayam for Ayurvedic eye treatment that employs traditional Ayurvedic procedures for improving vision, strengthening of ocular tissues and enhancing the visual beauty quotient and general appearance. General afflictions that include burning in the eyes, dryness in the eyes, vata diseases in the eyes, conjunctivitis, watering, night blindness, squint, myopia are all treated after carefully examining and evaluating the exact requirement for the affliction and an effective mode of treatment that would involve any of the traditional Nethra Kriya Kalpas [ Ayurvedic eye treatment ].

Feel free to contact us to know more about our Ayurvedic eye Treatment and care. You can also contact our panel of doctors by writing to us using the form on top of this site or even share your medical reports so that we can evaluate them and respond to you.

Our Ayurvedic eye treatments include



A treatment for chronic ophthalmic diseases. It is done externally, on the orbits of the eyes.


The medicine in liquid form is prepared by a special procedure of heating, and is then poured and retained for certain duration over the eyes, where in procedure of administration is identical to the akshitharpana is known as Putapaakam.


The application of the medicine to the outer or inner aspect of the eye lid is called as Anjana. The medicines in different forms like pills, liquid and powder are used in the form of Anjana.


A unique therapy of administering medicines in the liquid form on the eyes with the eyes kept open is known as Aschthanam.

Nethra sekam

The procedure of pouring thin streams of medicine in liquid form over the closed eye from a height of four angula [ One Angula is believed to be approximately equal to 3/4 Inch or 1.9 centimeters ], is known as Seka.


The simple smearing of the herbal paste on the skin surface of the eye lids is called Vidalakam.

It is our committed endeavor to ensure your eyes are refreshed, revived and rejuvenated through our Ayurvedic Eye Treatment at Itoozhi Ayurveda, because along with you, we too equally care, for those windows to your Soul.

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