An enduring legacy since 18th century

Just one of things that make us the best Ayurveda Hospital in India 

Itoozhi Ayurveda illam became renowned as a center in Malabar for holistic healing, based on ancient and proven Ayurvedic treatises, at the beginning of the 18th century.

There is always an Itoozhi Ayurveda Centre to suit your Preferences

Itoozhi Ayurveda has a range of Ayurveda treatment options that you can choose from, in Kerala & Karnataka. There are residential treatments that come with luxury accommodation & recreational facilities. We also have Ayur Villas that are perfect for long-stay treatments, and a riverside healing retreat for those who prefer the quietude. Our weekly Charity OP for the under privileged ensures Free treatment to all, along with our regular OP Clinics.





This is how health care should be. Holistic.

As one of the best Ayurvedic Hospital in India, and the 1st NABH Ayush accredited Ayurveda Hospital in North Malabar, our goal is your overall health and well being, not fixing a subset of symptoms. The key to your overall health and longevity depends on how various constituents of your mind & body thrive in perfect balance. Our understanding of the social determinants of your health is just one of the reasons why you will achieve better healing and health at Itoozhi Ayurveda.

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Boost your Immunity & Wellness through Ayurveda

Your body has gone through an extraordinary stressful phase. It’s time to boost yourself – mentally, physically, and emotionally – and thankfully, Ayurveda will help you do just that, with a little help from you, specifically with our 21 -Day Ayurveda Immunity Boosting Package in Bengaluru.