This is how health care should be. Holistic.

As on of the leading Ayurvedic Hospital in India, and the 1st NABH Ayush accredited Ayurveda Hospital in North Malabar, our goal is your overall health and well being, not fixing a subset of symptoms. The key to your overall health and longevity depends on how various constituents of your mind & body thrive in perfect balance. Our understanding of the social determinants of your health is just one of the reasons why you will achieve better healing and health at Itoozhi. 

Passionate about Ayurveda? Why not master it? 

Itoozhi Vaidyas are also one of the few families who are considered authentic Ayurveda Nethra Chikitsakas ( Traditional Ayurvedic Eye Physicians ) in Kerala.

Healing from the leading Ayurvedic Hospital in India