Dr I Bhavadasan Namboothiri

Chief Physician

  • Chief Physician, Itoozhi Namboothiris Ayurveda Nursing Home
  • Ayurveda Guru- National Ayurveda Academy
  • Chairman, Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust

With over 52 years of Ayurvedic clinical practice behind him, Itoozhi Vaidyar Dr.I.Bhavadasan Namboothiri has been a true preserver of the Itoozhi Ayurveda legacy, consolidating and eschewing the traditional Ayurvedic Ophthalmology treatises, and promoting Ayurveda amongst the general public. A strong advocate of fundamental clinical research along with medical practice, he has been instrumental in creating a custom software for the sole purpose of digitising, codifying and indexing the traditional ayurveda texts as manuscripts in the Itoozhi Ayurveda Manuscript Library, which run into thousands. His untiring efforts in popularising the efficacy of Ayurveda has led to a widened acceptance of this holistic path of healing, even having the Indian Navy have Itoozhi Ayurveda commission and operate a Ayurveda Treatment Center at Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala.

Awards & Accreditations

Pandita Ratna Award for the contribution in the field of Ayurveda by the Dept of Education, Govt of Kerala in 2017

Acharya in Ayurveda Netra Chikitsa by Vidyarthi Seva Trust in Jignasa 2012

“Ayurveda Guru” in the field of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology by Rashtreeya Ayurveda Vidyapeedh, Department of Ayush, Govt of India in 2010

Acharya Puraskar by Padmabhushan Vaidyabhushanam K Raghavan Thirumulpad Foundation in 2010

National Fellowship of Rashtreeya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth by National Ayurveda Academy, Department of Ayush, Govt of India in 2010

Best Doctor Award ( The Vagbhata Award ) by the Govt of Kerala – 2009

Best Doctor Award by the Ayurveda Hospital Management Association Kerala in 2009

Workshops / Presentations / Seminars

Chaired in panel session “Workshop on standardisation of Kashayam“, organisedby Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation in association with Care Keralam Ltd 18 July 2014 at Kannur

Keynote address at Jignasa 2012 – National Seminar on Ayurveda Eye Treatments, organised by Vidyarthi Seva Trust from 3-4 March 2012 at PNNM Ayurveda College, Shornur, Kerala

Chaired panel session & seminar on “Scope of Surgical Speciality in Ayurvedic Hospitals” conducted by Ayurveda Hospital Managements at Kannur, Kerala on 5th July 2009

Keynote speech & chaired panel discussion in “National Seminar on Infertility in Ayurveda” held at Kannur on 27 October 2008

Workshop on Keraleeya Panchakarma for the delegates of Venezuela

Workshop on Ayurveda Nethrachikitsa for the students of Miami University