ENT Specialist Treatment with Ayurveda

Otolaryngology in modern medicine, is the medical specialty which focuses on the ears, nose, and throat or ENT. Shalakya Tantra, a part of the Ashtanga Ayurveda treatises, covers ENT Treatment in Ayurveda.

Specialist ENT Treatment at Itoozhi Ayurveda

The Shalakya Tantra deals in detail with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of ENT diseases. As per Ayurveda, Sage Nimi is the chief exponent of this branch of Ayurveda. He has put down diseases and afflictions of Karna (ear), Nasa (nose), Mukha (face & throat) along with Shiras (head) & Netra(eyes). His analysis covers symptoms, mode of treatment, medicinal bases, unique therapeutic procedures and preventive care.

All this is in the Shalakya Tantra for diagnosis and treatment. ENT treatment in Ayurveda involves the following. First, finding the root cause of the disease. Second, understanding all the factors that brought about the condition. Finally, addressing them, along with the right herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle adjustments. All these form the crux of treating ENT disorders with Ayurveda.

Disorders Causes Ayurvedic Treatment Our Centres

Common ENT disorders

Ear Infections : This is called Karna Roga in Ayurveda. It usually affects the middle ear and is common among children.

Chest Infections : Ayurveda explains it as an excess of kapha in the bronchial system. The most common versions in adults are bronchitis & pneumonia.

Sore Throat : In most cases, a ‘companion’ for the likes of the cold or the flu and goes away on its own. In cases of strep throats, it is always good to have more tests.

Sinusitis: The inflammation of the sinus can be a major cause of pain and inflammation of the surrounding areas, and the Ayurvedic approach for its treatment is multifaceted.

Nose Bleeds: Ayurveda terms it Nakseer, defining the condition as a result of disturbance in the Pitta. For almost the majority part, nose bleed features anterior bleeding (blood vessels from the front of the nose), and the most common type seen in adults and in children.

What are the Causes

Ear Infections: The tiny tube that connects the ear with the nose ( Eustachian Tube ) would get swollen or blocked due to infection, aggravated / allergic cold, sinusitis or adenoid tissue getting inflamed.

Chest Infections : Pneumonia & bronchitis which are the two commonly seen conditions are caused by bacteria and viruses respectively. Being in the vicinity of an infected person’s coughing bouts can easily pass it on.

Sore Throat : Allergies, pollution, chemicals in the air, weak immunity are some of the common causes. Strep throats are caused by bacteria that needed to be addressed accordingly.

Sinusitis: Sinus inflammation is mostly caused by a virus and less common by bacteria. Some pre-existing conditions like nasal polyps or a weak immune system also increase the risk of infection.

Nose Bleeds: Minor injuries, superficial abrasions ( sharp fingernails inside the nose), overuse of nasal medicines, aggravated cold, allergy reactions, dry weather – anterior nosebleeds can be from any of these reasons or more.

ENT Treatment at Itoozhi Ayurveda

Treatment duration and procedures may vary patient to patient depending on diagnosis. Following is indicative and for reference purpose only

Ear Infections: Physical diagnosis using otoscope, checking for blockage and tympanometry (for determining hearing loss are all part of the process. An imbalance of the Kapha Dosha, suitable dietary recommendations to restore the harmony are shared along with prescribed Ayurveda medications.

Chest Infections : Chest X-rays, blood tests help in correct diagnosis. Several sub-doshas of Vata and Kapha come into play in the area of respiratory immunity. Hence, identifying and strengthening it, along with removal of the infection is the critical part.

Sore Throat : Allergies, pollution, chemicals in the air, weak immunity are some of the common causes. Strep throats are caused by bacteria that needed to be addressed accordingly.

Sinusitis: Nasya methods in Panchakarma helps in expelling the infection with the help of herbal applications and nasal therapies as prescribed in Ayurveda.

Nose Bleeds: In Nasagita Raktapitta or the condition of Nosebleed, the primary step in treatment is to let the contaminated blood be eliminated first and then the decoctions specific to the condition be administered.

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