A brief profile of Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust, Mayyil, Kannur, Kerala

a) Revalidation of Ayurveda Ophthalmology
b) Public health through Ayurveda
c) Introduced the model setup for Ayurvedic treatment in Indian Defence Services – through the model Ayurvedic Center at Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala in 2011 ( It was the first in-house Ayurvedic treatment centre in Indian Defence Services )
d) Continuous public awareness campaigns
e) Conducting residential clinical training for young Ayurvedic doctors at Itoozhi Academy of Ayurveda.
f) Hosting regular ayurvedic exhibitions for the preservation and promotion of medicinal plants, and setup of herbal parks in important governemnt sectors.
g) Researches in Clinical Ophthalmology
h) Coordinator of number of medical camps as a part of blindness eradication programme through Ayurveda

a) Introduced Ayurveda in Indian Defence Services
b) Participated as official medical team member for the International Sailing Regatta in 2010
c) Introduced various ayurvedic immunization programmes in Primary School level for the district of Kannur, Kerala including the Oushadha Kanji project, Theen Nellikka Project and Koova as a health drink, amongst others
d) Worked for Insurance protocol standardization in Ayurveda hospitals
e) Developed value-added associated product from Honey as Health drink, Honey spread etc. Took a key role in constructing the first Honey parlor in Kerala as a part of BAN COLA MOVEMENT
f) Developed inhouse software for clinical documentation.

a) Chief of the Naval commanded, Chief of Naval personnel, and the Naval Medical team appreciated and supported the Ayurvedic System .They considered Ayurvedic treatment as main stream in their medical support
b) The Ayurvedic Immunisation Programme conducted at different schools was helped to give awareness the benefit of Ayurvedic way of living to the childrens and parents
c) 5000 Ayurvedic trees planted in different areas of Kannur district with the help of different organisations

a) Cost effective Ayurvedic formulation and therapies based on clinical research for popularizing Ayurveda
b) Include Ayurvedic way of living and other fundamental messages as part of our educational system
c) Ecosystem management through Ayurvedic policies
d) International Ayurvedic council for global promotion of Ayurveda
e) Include Ayurveda as a mainstream healthcare solution for Indian Defence Services
f) To overcome the scarcity of medicinal plants, herbal plants should be popularized
g) Exploit the role of ayurveda in lifestyle management, and controlling epidemics & degenerative diseases
h) Include Ayurvedic systems in National Health Policies like the Blindness Eradication programme

Ongoing activities of Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation Charitable Trust

Charitable Outpatient Department

Aim: Upgrading the health status of the less privileged
Services:Free medical services, supply Ayurveda medicines in free of cost & special care for women & senior citizens ( More Details)

Public Awareness Campaigns

Aim: Public health through Ayurveda
Services: Continuous awareness through interactive sessions and workshops, in association with schools and the local community

Free Medical Camps

Aim: To raise the bar on healthcare for all
Services: Free medical camps in Kerala, with an expert Ayurveda medical team consulting & prescribing needful remedies, supplying Ayurveda medicines free of cost

The Oushadhakanji Project

Objective: Food itself is medicine, to improve the health status of children
Services: Supplied traditional Ayurvedic gruel for the students of selected schools in Kannur district free of cost ( More Details )

The Vrikshayurvedam Project

Objective: Preservation of Medicinal Trees & thereby the Ecosystem
Services: Since 2012, every year, 10000 medicinal saplings have been planted in different parts of Kannur district. These are given free of cost to the public and monitored by a committee

Medicinal Plant Cultivation

Objective: Promotion of Medicinal Plant Cultivation
Services: The Oushadha Sasya Krishi Padasala aims at giving continuous awareness classes for farmers regarding medicinal plants cultivation. The Trust also arranges collection units for the cultivated medicinal plants. (More Details)

The Herbal Park Project

Objective: Ayurvedic Awareness
Services: Planting of selected Ayurvedic medicinal plants in various public places, govt office premises and public parks with their names, scientific name and main usage for increasing awareness & adoption.

The Bio-Farming Project

Objective: Pesticide-free food
Services: With the help of Kerala Agricultural Department, the Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation has begun vegetable cultivation in the premises of Itoozhi Namboothiri’s Ayurveda Nursing Home.

Charitable Eye Hospital

Objective: This is our new project under construction (2018)
Services: To provide quality treatment and services completely free of cost, conduct researches on different eye diseases like Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, provide rehabilitation for the patients suffering from chronic diseases, provide care and comfort for senior citizens

Ayushyam – The Ayurveda Bi-monthly

Objective: Propagation of Ayurveda
Services: Publishing a bi-monthly health journal in the name “Ayushyam” for general public

Clinical Research & Documentation

Objective: To implement the cost effective Ayurveda formulations and thearapies,to ensure the safety and efficiency of Ayurveda medicines
Services: Clinical researches under the expert medical panel, conducting researches in Ayrvedic ophthalmology, documenting the scientific data