Global Ayurveda Festival Kerala - 2012

Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) in association with the Government of Kerala and the Ayurveda fraternity in the state is organising a one-of-its-kind global showcase for Ayurveda, in Thiruvananthapuram in February 2012. Titled the “Global Ayurveda Festival – Kerala“, it is slated to be held from 9 – 14Â February 2012 at Thiruvananthapuram, and according to the organisers,

this incredible festival encompasses all that’s good about Ayurveda and will display a wide range of services, activities and products for a healthy life. This vibrant and promising festival of Ayurveda with a host of fascinating events – lectures by legends in the field, workshops, conferences, tours and a mega exhibition, offers a great opportunity to learn, experience, to get first-hand information and to collaborate.

The focus of this showcase will be the global seminar on Non communicable diseases (NCDs) are the major killer diseases in the world today, causing more deaths than all the other diseases combined. The organisers have called for papers for presentation from Ayurveda practitioners, research institutions, Ayurveda pharmaceutical players, herbal medicine experts, doctors, scientists and students on related topics.

Papers on topics ranging from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, liver disorders, neurological and pulmonary diseases, gender specific NCDs, mental disorders, obesity, geriatric care, cancer, healthy life style practices to degenerative diseases have been invited.About 3,000 registered delegates are expected to attend the seminar.

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