Ayurveda is a science that is holistic at heart. In Ayurveda, the health and wellness of an individual, or the human body as such, is the sum total of his/her physical activities, the immediate environment, the mental and emotional activity with others, the seasons and how the body reacts to them – in short, good health is a multi-layered concept in Ayurveda.

Going beyond Symptoms, to achieve Health and Wellness

Itoozhi Ayurveda recognises that treating just the symptoms or the physical manifestations of a disease condition is only a part of the journey to wellness & health. To make the journey complete and fulfilling, we need to ensure that the pre-existing environmental conditions ( the immediate and the peripheral) that brought about this malady needs to be addressed, the emotional and mental states that may have brought about this physical manifestation needs to be explored and preventive measures set in place so that it does not get repeated.

Usual health care services merely address symptoms and make you dependent on prescriptive medicines. At Itoozhi Ayurveda, we take a holistic approach, understanding you as a person and implementing corrective measures to positively impact your mind, body and soul, to ensure holistic health and wellness.

To put it simply, there is no point in successfully treating and healing a damaged muscle system brought about  by a regular work environment of years of abuse to the body’s posture and repetitive use of the muscles, after which the body once again goes back to the same environment and the set of activities. Treatment in Ayurveda has two aspects, preventive & curative. Both of these are equally important, which is what we emphasise at Itoozhi Ayurveda.

An Integrated Approach to Health and Wellness

Since good health is a sum total of many things, an integrated approach is essential. A great example of this integrated approach is the concept of Panchakarma, which helps purify the body from toxic waste that have settled in the body due to our lifestyle choices in the modern world. Panchkarma comprises of five distinct therapeutic procedures, namely Vamanam, ( inducing vomiting through medication), Virechanam (which concentrates on purifying one’s entire body along with the vascular system), Vasthi ( medicated enemas), Nasyam (pouring medicated Ayurvedic oils or other prescribed medicines into the nasal cavity) and Rakthamoksham ( the purification of blood ) –  each procedure has its place in the whole treatment regimen.

Itoozhi Ayurveda’s treatment regimen  includes empathy, caring and emotional well-being, all through an integrated approach to each disease condition. Ayurveda recognises the effect of the changing seasons on the body, and has appropriate dietary regimens that help our bodies performs its best  during the harshest of seasonal changes.

We use the latest testing methodologies, focus on the root causes, and administer potent natural medicines, correct you nutrition, lifestyle, habits and provide personal care, to help you achieve and sustain overall health and wellness.

At Itoozhi Ayurveda, we believe and practise the time-tested philosophy of Chadushpada treatment, where the healing process involves the active and holistic involvement of 4 members involved – Bhishak ( the physician) , Rogi ( the patient), Dravya( Medicine) and Upasthatha ( the Attendant/Nurse) , and holistic healing happens when these four work in perfect co-operation and diligence.

At the heart of Ayurveda treatment is the simple premise of “You are what you eat.” In Ayurveda, Food is equated with Medicine, that which blesses the body with wellness. The way it is prepared, the ingredients, the source and the time and place of consumption determines the total effect it has on our body.

The Itoozhi Ayurveda family has nurtured and developed Ayurveda through centuries by sustained scientific observations and research, all carried forward through generations on a legacy of caring, inclusiveness and the wellness of the society at heart.

There is always an Itoozhi Ayurveda Centre to suit your Preferences

Itoozhi Namboothiri’s Ayurveda Nursing Home | Kerala

Location : Mayyil, Kannur, Kerala
Type : Multi-Speciality Treatments
Distance from Airport : 35 Mins
Special Amenities: Ayur Villas & Special AC & Non-AC Rooms, Pick-up and Drop Facility
Mode: Both OP & IP

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Itoozhi Ayurveda Heritage Centre | Kerala

Location : Kattampally, Kannur, Kerala
Type : Treatments, Geriatric Day Care
Distance from Airport : 45 Mins
Special Amenities: Family Cottages, Pick-up and Drop Facility
Mode: OP & IP

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Itoozhi Ayurvedic Hospital & Wellness Centre | Karnataka

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka
Type : Multi-Speciality Treatments
Distance from Airport : 25 Mins
Special Amenities: Luxury Stay, Outdoor & Indoor Recreation, Fine Dining
Mode: Both OP & IP

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