ayurveda against monsoon ailmentsThe monsoons have arrived and as usual, have brought in their wake a spate of fevers and maladies. The occurrences and varieties of fevers seems to be on the rise now and a medication that seemed effective the last year seems impotent against the same virus this year. The germs seem to return with increased immunity and potency and this year, the Health Department in Kerala is joining hands with the Government Ayurveda College, Thripunithura to combat the onslaught of monsoon ailments.


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Fever prevention camps have been launched and are up and running since July 1st. Steps to treat those afflicted, prevent fever and stem their spreading are being undertaken along the principles of Ayurveda at the Government Ayurveda College’s center in Thripunithura and Kizhakkekotta.

Experts in the field are offering their services at both camps and medicines are being dispensed with efficiency. Apart from this, special fever clinics have been set up in most government hospitals in the state as per the instructions of the District Medical Officer.

Malaria, Dengue and various other fevers are on the rise and for the first time during the monsoon season, there have been reports of the highly infections bacterial disease Leptospirosis – a certain cause for alarm. Waterborne diseases have topped the list of monsoon ailments this season and according to reports on July 2nd, 19,219 people have already sought treatment for diarrhea at these clinics. The maximum number of cases was reported from the West Kochi area.

The Health Depart has swept in efficiently this year and has been on high alert since the onset of the monsoons, taking steps to offer treatment and contain the spread of disease. Disease prevention guidelines have been issued to the public. Despite the precautions, monsoon ailments have been rampant in the state and the numbers have gone up significantly from previous years. The public needs to be actively alert and educate themselves about prevention of these highly contagious monsoon ailments.

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