Monsoon Treatments on Karkkidakam

The Monsoon, traditionally welcomed in the Malayalam month of Karkkidakom ( mostly July 16 – August 16 ) has always been a “season of rejuvenation and preventive therapy” in Kerala.

Being a season of inactivity and implied lethargy, the sustained heavy downpour usually results in a damp, musty environment that naturally affects the immunity levels and the general physical harmony of the human body. Monsoon in Kerala, specifically, can nothing be short of torrential and hence, it calls for a special adaptation to these new natural conditions, and also taking advantage of the season of inactivity embrace a special diet and a special set of treatments duly prescribed in the Ayurveda treatises.

This ensures that the body is rejuvenated and refreshed during the period, enabling it to involve in the regular activities of daily rigor with renewed vigor. The special treatments include oil massages ( Abhyangam / Pizhichil), Kizhiis involving both herbal leaves and powders (Ilakkizhi/Choorna Swedam ) , and enemas to purify the system ( Mathra / Kashaya Vasthy ), in short re-instating the organic harmony between Vatha, Pitha and Kapha of the human body, leaving the body robust and refreshed.

Another defining dietary regimen of this season is the herbal porridge termed Karkkidaka Kanji also called Oushadha Kanji, a recuperative diet consisting of 21 herbs in a boiled base of rice, coconut milk, fresh cow’s milk, shallots, broken wheat, and whole beans.

The Monsoon would be the perfect time to get in touch with your personal Ayurvedic vaidyars, if you have and undergo a regimen as per the physician’s advice to rejuvenate your body.

A Video on the Preparation of Karkkidaka Kanji.

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