On National Doctor’s Day on 1st July 2024, IMNS GHSS, Mayyil, hosted a heartfelt event to honor the dedicated doctors of Itoozhi Nursing Home. The school’s Student Police Cadets took the lead in the felicitation ceremony, expressing gratitude for the doctors’ tireless service. The event was graced by the presence of the Chairman and all esteemed doctors of Itoozhi Nursing Home. The cadets presented tokens of appreciation, highlighting the invaluable contributions of the medical professionals to the community.

The ceremony underscored the strong bond between the school and local healthcare providers, celebrating the commitment and compassion of those who dedicate their lives to healing others. An Ayurveda awareness camp was conducted for the students by Dr I Unnikrishnan Namboothiri and Dr Akshay as part of the occassion.

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