Taking a leaf out of the Kerala Government’s successful book when it comes to the promotion of Ayurveda, the Himachal Pradesh government also plans to develop this ancient Indian system of healing and well being in the state. This is being done to promote an alternative option of healthcare in the state and also to boost tourism into the state.


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The state lying in the beautiful Himalayan valley is already a big draw for tourists with its breath taking scenic beauty, serene hill stations and rich flora and fauna. The state is also rich in rare medicinal herbs and plants, which find use in Ayurveda. Therefore it is only natural that promoting Ayurveda is the next step for this state.

This plan, in the pipeline, was announced by the state’s newly inducted minister for Ayurveda, Shri Karan Singh while addressing a large gathering in Bajaura.

The minister focused on the pleasant climate in the state, which is most conducive for the cultivation of hard to come by medicinal herbs that are important ingredients in several Ayurvedic medicines. Therefore, along with the promotion of the healthcare system, the farming of these plants will also be encouraged.

Kerala has long been a magnet that has attracted tourists, not just for its beaches, backwaters and mountains, but also for the excellent Ayurveda care that it offers. Recently, the state has stepped up its campaign by focusing on overseas markets, especially those in Europe to boost its tourism, in particular, its medical/Ayurvedic tourism.

Taking a cue from this fellow state, Himachal Pradesh also plans to promote its tourism industry by including Ayurvedic care packages. By taking lessons from the leader in the industry, the state of Himachal Pradesh is also bound to make great progress in the field of both Ayurveda and tourism in the days to come. The recent boost to Ayurveda given by the Central government through various schemes and the installation of Ayurvedic centers in key cities and the growing popularity of Ayurveda will also go towards serving this purpose.

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