Honey is an excellent remedy for various eye ailments. Applied daily in the eyes, it improves the eye-sight. It is very useful in the treatment of itching of the eyes, trachoma, conjunctivitis and other similar diseases. It’s regular internal, as well as the external application, will prevent glaucoma in the initial stage of the disease. Honey is valuable in the prevention of cataract formation. Two grams of onion juice and honey each, mixed together, should be kept safe in a clean bottle. It should be applied locally to the eyes with a glass rod. This is a very effective remedy for immature cataract. It resolves the already coagulated protein fibers as well as prevents further coagulation.

Read more on the excellent uses of Honey as a preventive medicinal agent in this excellent article authored by Dr I Unnikrishnan, Director, Itoozhi Academy of Ayurvedic & Clinical Research here .

A Documentary on practice of Honey in Ayurvedic Ophthalmology by Dr.B.G.Gokulan

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