Tackling this silent scourge, head on.

Amidst the rising rate of “lifestyle-related” diseases that seem to have slowly taking a stranglehold on the public health of India, there is a silent addition, whose rate is incrementally increasing owing to the lifestyle changes and the environments that have drastically changed over the years – that of the ability to procreate. According to a report based a survey by the International Institute of Population Sciences in 2010,

Nearly 30 million couples in the country suffer from infertility, making the incidence rate 10 percent. Earlier childlessness in a couple used to be talked about in hushed tones, with the problem, without doubt, being attributed to the women.

With the environmental and ecological balances on a steady and continuous decline, rather than trace an affirmative course upward, however imperceptible it might be, this silent scourge has to be tackled head-on, in a way that heals and refreshes the physical and mental constitution of the ones who are directly affected. Infertility treatment through Ayurveda, using tradition and technology has always been one of the four core disciplines of healing and treatment at Itoozhi Ayurveda, a fact that has been suitably emphasized in our daily activities in community health care.

Itoozhi Ayurveda’s series of brief articles that intend to shed more light, engage more dialogues, discussions and turn the spotlight on Infertility as a condition affecting both the male and the female, exploring its various causes with respect our specific conditions, and the avenues available on addressing it, through Ayurveda and technology.

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