Tharpanam for the Eye at Itoozhi AyurvedaAccording to latest news reports, researchers from Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States, collaborating as the Consortium for Refraction and Myopia (CREAM), after analysing genetic and refractive error data of over 45,000 people from 32 different studies, have found 24 new genes for Myopia, and confirmed two previously reported genes. Interestingly, the genes did not show significant differences between the European and Asian groups, despite the higher prevalence among Asian people.


Professor Chris Hammond from the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology at King`s College London, and lead author of the paper, said: “We already knew that myopia – or short-sightedness – tends to run in families, but until now we knew little about the genetic causes. This study reveals for the first time a group of new genes that are associated with myopia and that carriers of some of these genes have a 10-fold increased risk of developing the condition.” These findings have been published in the journal Nature Genetics.

Ayurvedic Eye Treatments have been the the core area of Itoozhi Ayurveda and hence ayurvedia treatment for Myopia is no exception.

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