Kidneys are your body’s balancing organs and ensure that your body is balanced in all ways, with a process called homeostasis. Their primary job is to flush out the body’s toxins, be it excessive fluids or waste disposal, through urine and excreta. Kidneys also help in the detoxification process by cleansing your blood everyday, making sure your blood pressure is just right, your body is supplied enough oxygen, electrolytes are balanced and bones stay strong.
With such important functions, it is critical that you do not ignore any symptoms that indicate that your kidneys are in danger.

A few symptoms are:

1. Swollen Parts: When kidneys fail, water is not flushed out enough through urine and sweat, and when this happens, water retention takes place, resulting in making your joints, limbs and even face swollen or feel bloated.
2. Urine Changes: If you feel a pressure when urinating or you’re urinating less frequently and your urine is dark, or if you’re urinating  excessively, very frequently, and your urine is a pale color, something is wrong.
3. Skin Rashes: If there is excessive waste build-up and your kidney’s are not doing their job of taking it out, your skin reacts. This includes getting a lot of rashes, itchiness, dry and irritable skin. Since the waste was unable to get out of the body, it seeps into the blood stream and causes havoc.
4. Tired Easily: Healthy kidneys produce the hormone EPO (erythropoietin), enabling red blood cells (RBC) to carry oxygen. If the RBC is low you feel tired very easily and this affects your brain and muscle function, and is also a symptom of anemia.
5. Metallic Taste: Toxic waste build up in the body also changes how you taste your food, most usually with a tinge of metal, worsens appetite and also gives you bad breath.
6. Pain: Upper back pain is often associated with kidney issues as that is where they are located.
7. Dizziness Or Low Concentration: Since low oxygen flow is a sign of anemia and kidney failure, it also reduces your ability to concentrate or focus, as there is less oxygen going to your brain as well.
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