A 2010 study reveals that about 48.5 million couples worldwide suffer from primary and secondary infertility. Of these a significant number are caused by occupation related and work environmental reasons and both men and women suffer from these causes.

The workplace also is a warehouse of reproductive toxins that cause, besides sterility and infertility, stillbirth, preterm deliveries, underweight babies, mutations, abortions and other birth defects.

What is unique about Itoozhi Ayurveda’s Clinic for Reproductive Medicine is that it does not target the condition of infertility directly. It takes into account all the various occupational factors while offering holistic treatment options.

Reasons for Infertility 


The main culprits here are some harmful chemicals that are used in certain professions. These chemicals are often handled by workers with no knowledge about how harmful they could be. These include lead (which causes abnormal sperms), mercury, cadmium etc. These are used in dry cleaning, textile, welding, rubber and plastic manufacturing industries. Handling of toxic chemicals such as dibromochloropropane (DBCP), an ingredient in most chemical pesticides can cause early onset of menopause, thus directly impacting fertility. Polyvinyl alcohol and benzene found in gasoline, cleaning solvents, adhesives and oil based paints are often responsible for a 50% increase in preterm delivery.

Radiation and Other Medical Agents

Ironically, there is significant delay in conception for couples working in the medical field too, when they are exposed to radiation from x rays, chemotherapy, anesthetic agents and sometimes even from the unpacking and handling of certain antibiotic drugs. Ethylene Oxide used to sterilize surgical instruments has the potential to cause early miscarriage.


Exposure to high heat at one’s workplace also alters sperm morphology, thus delaying conception. Artificial rise in scrotum and testicle temperatures in fertile men reduces sperm quality and quantity.


Often ignored as a potential hazard, noise from industries, factories and manufacturing units are also detrimental to fertility.

With all the development in science and technology in today’s world, a lot of harm is caused by either improper handling of substances or lack of knowledge about their potential harm, leading to infertility and subsequent heartache and frustration for many couples.


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