In Ayurvedic science, cancer is considered to be a disease that often involves all three bodily humors (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), although it typically starts with a predominance of one of these. When a person’s digestive fire or enzyme reserves are low, it allows a build-up of toxic substances, and this can create an environment for a cancer to grow. Various causes of cancer include toxic environment, denatured and processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of spiritual purpose or effort in life. Cancer now afflicts almost one in two of all adults. Ayurveda advises a natural preventative approach to combat cancer.
The steps that can help prevent this disease are mostly life style changes. Consume foods which are full of life-force (prana) including those which are whole, fresh, sun-ripened, enzyme-rich, alkalizing, organic and are plant based. Always eat low glycemic foods that have low sugar content and avoid refined flour products. Consume a lot of dark green leafy vegetables, especially foods that are in the cabbage family such as kale, collards. Having foods which have a wonderful rejuvenative ability like sprouts, baby greens, wild greens, and enzyme-rich foods can also help. A few other substances that have powerful rejuvenative properties include sea vegetables and algae.

It is advisable to avoid foods with saturated animal fats, hydrogenated fats, heated oils or fried foods. As enzymes are destroyed above temperatures of 118 F, prevent cooking in high temperatures. Lifestyle habits like fasting, liver and gall-bladder flushes etc help in flushing out toxins and avoid artificial toxins like nicotine, tobacco and alcohol. Most importantly, treat your body well and develop the capacity to listen to the signals your body is giving you. Your body is always speaking to you giving clues as to how balanced or imbalanced it is. Always spend time on a daily basis to simply be still and connect with your emotional realm. Don’t let emotions build up. And most importantly, exercise on a daily basis.

Leading Ayurvedic hospitals have regenerative and rejuvenative therapies to combat toxins build up and avoid this deadly disease.

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