Marma shastra Marma Shastra or therapy lends its origin to sage Agasthya who has written extensively about this science or shastra. The basic principle of this healing mechanism is about the external stimulation of Marma Points, which are present throughout our body. Like Ayurveda, marma shastra also emphasizes on Pancha Mahabhuta principles and Tridosha theory. This science is described in detail in 23 sections of Agasthya Marma Shastra.

Prana, considered to be the vital force of human existence, is present in our body in the form of air. It tends to travel throughout our body unhindered. This is similar to Vata in Ayurveda where Vata dosha is a separate entity of treatment. When there is an imbalance in any specific part of the body, that body part experiences problems, and it is these problems that are healed through Marma Shastra. Ancient sages classified marma into primary, secondary, tertiary etc.. and noted that there are numerous such Marma points in the body. For clinical purposes of healing and rejuvenation, however, it is considered that there are 108 Marma points and these are the ones which are concentrated and healed in case of any disease.

Marma therapy basically involves massaging, medicines and bandages and can be hugely beneficial to those suffering from degenerative diseases like arthritis, muscular disorders etc.. and even fractures.


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I want marma rejuvination

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