Ayurveda has always been associated with the therapy aspect and it would come as a bit of surprise, especially to the conservationists when Ayurveda tourism is being touted as a foreseeable future. State of Kerala is paving new ways to enter the tourism market of countries such as Russia, Europe and East Asia with Ayurveda tourism. Of late, considering that Ayurveda not only has therapeutic value but also assists in regeneration and rejuvenation, tourism is a very viable alternative.

The deputy director of Kerala tourism, Nanda Kumar said that foreign visitors are often looking for a relaxation place. “So we are planning to mix ayurvedic treatment along with sightseeing in such a way that the experience is truly a stress buster for them,” Kumar had said. The state has a major chunk of domestic tourists coming from Maharashtra and Gujarat, purely for rejuvenation purposes.

The main target audiences though are the retired foreign visitors. Foreigners often earn enough in their working years and look to spend that during their retirement by relaxing and rejuvenating themselves, and what better way to do that than Ayurveda. Starting from massage therapies to the more elaborate regenerative & rejuvenation treatments, rejuvenation is no longer just a fad but a realistic treatment for the stressed out professional. For long, south Kerala has been on the tourist map and now the government is trying to put north Kerala or the Malabar region on the map too.

Leading Ayurvedic hospitals in North Kerala provide world class rejuvenation therapies. With the proposed Airport in Kannur, these establishments no longer have access issues for the foreign tourists. These new steps are also a big boost for the state as well as central economy by way of foreign exchange earnings.

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