Summer brings soaring temperatures and increased dryness, impacting the body’s water content through perspiration. To combat dehydration internally and externally, adopting a summer skincare routine is vital.

Here are Ayurvedic tips to nurture your body and skin during the hot season:

  1. Light and Liquid Diet:
    As temperatures rise, opt for a light and balanced diet to support digestion while replenishing lost fluids. Emphasize sweet, sour, and salty foods alongside hydrating liquids like coconut water, buttermilk, and fruit juices. Incorporating cooling beverages such as kokum sharbat and raw mango panna helps soothe the body and moisturize the skin.
  2. Cooling Foods:
    Include foods with a cooling effect like gulkand, black grapes, figs, and dates to combat excess heat (pitta) and maintain hydration. Gulkand, in particular, reduces heat’s adverse effects on the skin and hair. Similarly, soaked manukas and herbal pastes made from amla, sandalwood, and neem provide hydration and nourishment when applied externally.
  3. Skin and Scalp Masks:
    Utilize Ayurvedic preparations containing cooling herbs like aloe vera, sandalwood, and brahmi to hydrate and soften the skin. Applying henna to the hair and scalp acts as a natural conditioner, nourishing and improving texture. Incorporating these herbal remedies into your skincare routine helps combat dryness and maintains skin and hair health during the summer.
  4. Stay Cool and Rested:
    Avoid prolonged sun exposure and seek shelter in cool environments during the day. Taking short naps helps restore energy levels and prevents imbalances in the body’s doshas caused by disrupted sleep patterns. Wear breathable cotton clothing to stay comfortable and minimize skin irritation. Additionally, refrain from strenuous activities to prevent excessive water loss and maintain metabolic balance.
  5. Avoid Aggravating Factors:
    Steer clear of spicy, greasy, and salty foods that disrupt digestion and aggravate acidity. Minimize alcohol consumption and opt for fresh, unpackaged foods to support overall well-being. Moderate exercise to prevent dehydration and maintain equilibrium without overexertion.

By following these Ayurvedic principles, you can nurture your body, maintain hydration, and protect your skin from the harsh effects of summer, ensuring a healthy and balanced lifestyle throughout the season. For great skin and good health, Itoozhi Ayurveda is a great option. With branches in Kerala and Bengaluru, Itoozhi Ayurveda is among the best traditional Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala.

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