An article at LiveMint heralds one of the exciting breakthroughs in recent times in the field of Ayurveda and once gain proves it as a system of medicine as well as a discipline that has been broad and pliable enough to assimilate and accommodate the innovations across generations. According to the report, two scientists from the Chennai-based drug manufacturer Shasun Pharmaceuticals Ltdhave developed a concoction of gold nanoparticles in a medium of tealeaves and cinnamon, that could be administered to combat prostate cancer.

“Patients will only need a single shot of the medicine that can take care of the cancer, it will be a fundamental shift in cancer therapy with no side effects, radiation and chemotherapy”- according to Abhaya Kumar, managing director, Shasun Pharma, as per the article. The gold nanoparticles, once administered to the patient, will “bind to the surface of cancer cells. Them being metal and mildly radioactive, they slowly burn the offending cells to extinction.”

You can read the full report here.


Shasun Pharmaceuticals : An Overview

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