The Kerala Ayurvedic Hospital Management Association (KAHMA) has asked government to take measures to check allopathic doctors from prescribing ayurvedic medicines for certain diseases and ask them to prescribe only modern drugs for all the treatments.

The KAHMA members further said that quack medical practitioners from all the healthcare practice should be banned in order to establish the reputation of that particular stream. KAHMA members further opined that all the medical practitioners- allopathic or ISM – should remain confined to their discipline only ensure the credibility of each system. KAHMA asked doctors of ayurveda in ISM sector to take this issue to the attention of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

The ayurvedic physicians belonging to KAHMA were reacting to a story by Pharmabiz, a pharma portal, that mentioned a human right activists letter to the NHRC that stated that a section of ayurvedic doctors in Kerala are prescribing modern drugs to their patients. The activist had support of the Kerala based Qualified Private Medical Practitioners Association (QPMPA).

KAHMA further said that their complaint also needs to be taken to the NHRC as both the issues are of same nature. Dr A Induchoodan, the spokesman of the KAHMA, said that the government should establish institutions to restore surgery in Ayurvedic system. According to him establishment of ‘Ayurvedic Surgery Research Institute’ will be a step to improve the surgical procedures prescribed in the Indian system of medicine. “Today is the era of equal opportunity to all. So the present generation of ayurvedic practitioners, who are kept away from surgery practice, is asking for equal rights to practice medical science. For this, the union government and the state governments have to frame rules to include surgery practice in the ayurvedic system,” he was quoted as saying.

Dr Induchoodan further emphasized that medical equipment and surgical devices are not for allopathic practitioners only and any medical system based on their own science or philosophy can use it for their stream. He also deliberated on how colonial rule in India had destroyed the country’s ancient ayurvedic system by inducting an encouraging allopathy. The other reason behind its downfall is the Brahmin ayurvedic physicians distaste from surgery. Dr Sreevals G Menon, national secretary of Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association said that the NHRC interventions would free the Ayush system from the clutches of malpractitioners. He further said that prescribing allopathic medicines by ayurvedic doctors would spoil the credibility of this ancient Indian system of medicines.

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