Ayurveda is safe and holistic in nature and prescribes different food patterns for different people, depending upon their Agni and Dosha. Ayurveda also believes that consuming the right type of food is the perfect medicine for most illness. Digestive issues and gut health are two common areas of concern for most people these days. As per this system of medicine, for better digestion and to balance your gut health, it is important to balance your ‘Agni’. Agni or fire is responsible for all digestive and metabolic processes taking place in a human body. Below listed are four types of Agni and the food that can help you balance it.

  1. Sama Agni: Sama Agni is also known as balanced Agni and people belonging to this category enjoy a wide range of health benefits. People who have this Agni are generally healthy, happy, have strong immunity and suffer from fewer health issues. This allows them to enjoy most of the food types and also not worry about having to change food pattern depending upon the season.
  2. Visham Agni: Visham Agni is also known as irregular digestion. Most Vata dosha dominant people have Visham Agni. These people are often victims of health issues like irregular bowel movement, gas, bloating, dry skin and acid reflux. To soothe the Visham Agni, it is advised to have clear foods like soups, ghee and broths.
  3. Tikshna Agni: This Agni is associated with pitta mind-body type. As Pitta dosha has light and sharp qualities, this agni is supported by this Dosha, but sometimes it can inflame it and make it overactive. As Tikshna Agni has a quality of sharp digestion, this agni is characterized by hyper metabolism. To cool down Tikshna Agni, you should drink fennel and mint teas.
  4. Manda Agni: Manda Agni, also called slow digestion is linked with Kapha mind-body type. The people of Manda Agni have slow and weak digestion and hence makes them under active, dull, sluggish and they even gain weight very easily. To balance the Manda Agni, avoid eating big meals in a day. Also, limit your intake of spicy food and dry fruits.
    No matter what type your Agni is, it needs to be balanced well to enjoy a healthy life. Some basic food habits that can help you achieve this include:
    a. Increase your intake of green vegetables and avoid spicy and oily foods.
    b. Sleep for 7-8 hours at night.
    c. Do not indulge in emotional eating.
    d. Stay physical active.
    e. Drink plenty of water daily.
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