Close on the heels of the First All-Russian Congress of Ayurveda held in Moscow from April 12-13, 2013, the Ayurveda-Russia-India Association (ARIA), an organisation of the Ayurveda doctors practising in Russia, and Ayurveda Hospitals Managements Association (AHMA) have signed an MoU to promote Ayurveda in Russia.

According to the news report, ARIA president Anita Karilio Arcas and AHMA general secretary Baby Krishnan said their aim was to promote Ayurveda by ensuring quality treatment for Russian patients in hospitals here and check the exploitation by massage parlours and unauthorised centres.

They also have plans for arranging a Knowledge Exchange Programme for sensitising the doctors practising modern medicine in Russia about Ayurveda. Anita Karilio Arcas said they had been in touch with Ayurveda doctors since 1995. She said they were trying to get legalisation for Ayurveda.

They were also sensitising people about Ayurveda in Russia. She pointed out that several people from Russia were already visiting Kerala to undergo an Ayurvedic treatment.

A heartening development as we see it, may initiatives like these inspire more and more collaborations across the globe in furthering the cause and spirit of Ayurveda.

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