Liver is a critical organ in our body, and it is important to take care of it. Situated below the rib cage on your right side, the Liver takes care of many functions. Hence a Healthy liver is critical for healthy living. The different functions include digestion, protein synthesis, hormone production and detox. Ayurveda classifies the liver as a Pitta organ. Hence it has fiery, hot qualities. So, while it supports transformation and Agni within the body, it is also said to be the seat of emotions like anger, hate, irritability, judgement, resentment, envy, and impatience.

Because of the fast lifestyle that we practice nowadays, our livers have become overburdened. This has made them inefficient to remove toxins from blood. Such a situation allows the toxin to remain in the body and continue to circulate, leading to diseases and ailments.

Ayurveda prescribes Four simple practices that helps keep your liver healthy and efficient.

Yoga Asanas and Exercises

Yoga experts can prescribe asanas that help stimulate the liver. Exercises that help move the right side of the body also help to stimulate the liver. Simple practices like embodying cooling, exerting a gentle energy as you move are also beneficial, as these calm pitta and as a result, support your liver.


Pranayama supports the liver in many ways. It helps stimulate the liver when the diaphragm moves up and down. Apart from that, it also helps in regulating and calming the prana and Pitta Dosha. The liver is aggravated by pitta-type emotions like anger and irritation. Calming and soothing pranayama such as shitali, or basic yogic breathing can help calm the nervous system.

Herbs and food

As per Ayurveda, every organ benefits from specific types of foods. Similarly, certain herbs and foods have a specific action on the liver. Bitter and astringent foods and herbs have liver cleansing and pitta pacifying properties. Foods like beets, bitter gourd and bitter greens are beneficial for the liver. Additionally, herbs like Bhumyamalaki, turmeric and even triphala are very supportive for liver health and healing.


A calm lifestyle always helps liver health. Pitta pacifying activities, including emotions, are always good for liver health. Keeping negative emotions in check, being gentle with oneself and others and releasing anger and irritability as and when they arise, are all simple practices that can help you keep your liver healthy and efficient.

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