ayurvedic tourism-dhara treatment Ayurvedic Tourism is probably something that is going to overtake Kerala’s famed backwaters and beaches as the state’s most popular tourist draw. Well aware of the significance of this growing trend in global medical tourism, the Kerala government is all set to make the best of the ancient healthcare system of Ayurveda to draw in both domestic and global travelers.

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With its focus on Ayurveda and wellness, Kerala Tourism’s annual campaign, which kicked off with roadshows in Germany in the first week of February gave a major boost to Ayurvedic tourism. According to Kerala Tourism Director P.I. Sheikh Pareeth, the number of German citizens visiting Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala is on a steady rise. This could be the result of an earlier campaign launched in Germany by Kerala Tourism to promote Ayurvedic tourism.

Riding on this wave, Ayurvedic centers are springing up all over the state and so the Tourism Department, along with the Health Department is stepping in with strict regulations and registration norms to ensure that the tourists are provided with genuine treatments and therapies.

Ayurveda already has a fan following from international celebrities who have taken advantage of its curative and healing advantages. The list includes model Naomi Campbell, popstar Madonna, actress Demi Moore, director Bernado Bertolucci and Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The difference between Ayurveda practiced elsewhere and that in Kerala lies in the authenticity and adherence to tradition. Although the Malyalam month of Karkidakam (mid July to mid August), during the monsoon season is the best time for Ayurvedic treatments because this is when the body is most receptive to treatment, with the thrust from the Tourism Department, Ayurvedic tourism is expected to extend beyond the traditional monsoon season and turn into a year-round trend.

The Indian Missions in the countries where Kerala Tourism’s campaigns are being held have stepped in with their full-fledged support to promote these initiatives.

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