Ayurveda has many herbs that have been used for centuries with astounding effects and one such herb which can simultaneously treat hair loss, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cough, rheumatism, depression and also enhance memory is Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri, as it is scientifically known. This herb is more or less a wonder herb and it also used in cases of unmada and apasmara, i.e in cases of insanity and epilepsy. It is also used in Alzheimer’s disease and in attention deficit hyperactivity disorders.

Brahmi ghritam, containing Brahmi is a great medication for enhancing memory as it is a poly herbal ghee and it is now widely recognised that medications made with ghee can cross the brain-blood barrier. Brahmi ghritam also contains other medhya and rasayana herbs such as shankhpushpi and vacha. Brahmi ghritam in addition contains trikatu, trivrit, danti, araghwadha and krimihara.

Other classical preparations made with brahmi are brahmi tailam and brahmi vati. Brahmi tailam is used in the treatment of headache, tension and anxiety. It helps prevent hair fall. It is also used in the treatment of sleeplessness. It is used in panchakarma treatment for shirodhara and shiropicha. Brahmi tailam can be more freely used as it only contains amalaki and tilataila.

Brahmi vati, yet another Brahmi preparation, is a favourite with physicians dealing with memory and mental issues such as Alzheimer’s etc. Brahmi Vati contains swarna makshika bhasma (a bhasma of copper and iron pyrite) and rasa sindooram (a compound of purified mercury and sulphur). It is a very effective drug in treating depression, psychiatric conditions and in enhancing memory. While Brahmi is indeed a wonder herb, it has to be used under strict supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner.

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