Ayurveda has always mesmerized medical professionals from across the globe and it is no surprise that Dr Antonio Morandi was equally impressed with the science. A practicing neurologist in Italy, Dr Antonio and his research partner Carmen Tosto are presently visiting Itoozhi Ayurveda for further research on Ayurvedic Eye treatments.

It was during his researches that Dr Antonio developed a keen interest in Ayurveda. He has been learning and leading researches on Ayurveda for the past 30 years. He has even established an Ayurveda College in Milan, Italy called Ayurvedic Point and runs a 4-year course on Ayurvedic Medicine there. He opines that his students include allopathic doctors who have found the course useful, as it gives a better insight into the patient’s medical issues. The course has been so impactful that Milanto State University has included Ayurveda as prominent syllabi in the final 2 years of its medical course.

The course at Ayurvedic Point in Milan is run in collaboration with SNA Oushadashala whose patron Dr A N Narayanan Nambi helps in conducting practical classes for students. Ayush Ministry has also recognized this institution as one of its contact points in Europe. As part of academic research connected to Ayurvedic Point, Dr Antonio and Carmen visited the Itoozhi Ayurveda hospital for a better insight into the Eye treatment techniques and methodology. The Eye treatment course in Ayurvedic Point is supported by Dr Itoozhi Unnikrishnan and it is in this regard that they visited the hospital. They were impressed with the hospital and the gurukula system of education being followed there. They conducted an extensive study of eye treatments and panchakarma treatments and were impressed by the age old ashtangahridaya documents that were stored there. Dr Antonio was keen to know the methodology adopted by Dr Itoozhi Bhavadasan Namboodiri, pioneer of the modern Ayurveda Gurukula system. He called for better coordination in developing Ayurveda as a global medical science.

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