Dr. I. Bhavadasan Namboodiri serving Oushadhakanji to school children
Dr. I. Bhavadasan Namboodiri serving Oushadhakanji to school children
Itoozhi Ayurveda Foundation’s Oushadha Kanji project for School children, launched in 2012 was accorded the same rousing reception this year too, and we are happy to say that the district administration has taken note of it and has put forth a vision to extend it to all the schools in the district from next year.

It may be recalled that the pilot project which was launched last year, intended to popularise the traditional monsoon diet to the 400 school children at ALP School, Mayyil, introducing them to the wholesome, curative goodness of the traditional Ayurvedic gruel, commonly known as Karkkidaka Oushadha Kanji. Known to boost immunity, replenishes vital elements and iron in the body and rejuvenates the body during the month of Monsoon, Karkkidakom, the program that was to run on the first 5 working days of the week has, with this year, become a part of the school’s ethos, we are proud to note.

This year wasn’t any different, with the goodness of the traditionally chosen 31 ingredients-strong Oushadha kanji ( Ayurvedic Gruel ) prepared for the 400-strong community of ALP School, Chooliyad for a week, with Dr. I. Bhavadasan Namboodiri himself taking charge of the entire process, right from sourcing of the ingredients to distributing it amongst the young and happy student community. The Itoozhi Ayurveda Foundation would like to place on record, our immense gratitude to the mangaement of ALP School, Chooliyad without whose co-operation and unconditional support, a project of this nature and scale would never have gone seamlessly and successfully, year after year.

Deshabimani’s coverage of the initiative, here.

Preparing the Oushadha Kanji : from Mathrubhumi TV


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