Karnal, HaryanaKarnal, known nationally and internationally for its production of rice, wheat and milk, even traditionally been a hub for ayurvedic medicines, has currently acquired the enviable status as the leading manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines, according to this report in the Times of India. With its natural and blessed advantage of having the river Yamuna flanking almost its entire eastern boundary, guaranteeing the goodness of agriculture, the report cites close to 20 – 25 Ayurveda manufacturing units contributing Rs 50 crore in net annual turnover.

According to the report,

Karnal exports ayurvedic medicines to Russia and West Asian countries and it generates around 10 percent (Rs 5 crore to Rs 6 crore) of its net turnover through export. Elaborating about the supply chain of the ayurvedic products in the domestic market, Dr. Gulati, one of the major players in ayurvedic manufacturing in Karnal said, “Karnal has been a traditional hub for ayurvedic medicines since ancient times but recently it has started taking shape of the industry and has been logging consistent percent growth in last ten years.” The reasons he cites are the emergence of business associations in the region and an increase in professional ayurvedic R Dr. Gulati further said, “Sukhija Ayurvedic and Karna Ayurvedic are the signatures of Karnal-based ayurvedic medicine manufacturing units.

One only wishes that the government of Kerala adopts policies and measures that would encourage a similar initiative in Kerala, and when combined with the abundant natural resources, traditional knowledge, and climate, Kerala could emerge as a strong competitor, and if things go well, even overtake Karnal in becoming the leading manufacturer of ayurvedic medicines in India.

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