Kerala Tourism Press Ad Campaign 2012 - Ayurveda

Close on the heels of the State government’s re-affirmation and commitment to transform Kerala into the world capital of Ayurveda, based on its global acceptance, the Kerala Tourism department to seem to re-iterating the same, going by the latest print campaign that has been released for 2012.

The print ad’s message is, in fact, a concise depiction of how Kerala Tourism popularises Ayurveda, what Ayurveda means to Kerala and vice-versa. It goes this way,

Of all the places on earth, there is just one that is literally shaped by a thousand-year-old unbroken tradition of Ayurveda. Home to the world’s largest number of qualified and certified Ayurveda physicians, here this ancient system of medicine is practiced to perfection. Here, the humid air, fertile soil and tropical rain forests nurture over 500 species of rare medicinal herbs. Here, centuries-old Ayurveda regimens come alive every day. Welcome to the home of Ayurveda. Welcome to Kerala.

The strikingly visual aspect of the composition that depicts the “Tropical Green” of Kerala done by elemental components of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs and spices along with the above content is a strong tool to instigate curiosity to know more on Ayurveda and the home of Ayurveda. It is hoped that this would bring its expected success in enriching the inflow of tourism as well as furthering the cause of Ayurveda.

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