Weight loss is the latest fad nowadays – everyone wants to look fit, avoid health issues and live a trouble-free and healthy life. While jogging, running and marathons are practiced as a way to lose weight, the best way to achieve this goal is to do some moderate steady exercise, yoga or walking.

Ayurveda has two popular remedies for controlling weight, consumed under directions of a supervising ayurvedic vaidyar. Both are effective and helps to lose weight without endangering the health of tissues or dhatus. The dhatus are rasa (chyle), rakta (blood), mamsa (muscle), medho (fat), asthi (bone), majja (bone marrow) and shukra (reproductive tissue). The two kashayams used among other things for weight loss are called varadi kashayam and varanadi kashayam.

Varadi kashayam consists of triphala, chitraka (plumbago zeylanica), loha patra and haridra. Varanadi kashayam consists of almost a dozen herbs including varana, sairyaka, shatavari, dahana, morata, bilva, and a host of other important herbs. This kashayam corrects fatty liver problems, controls obesity and lowers lipids and cholesterol. Mentioned in Ashtanga Hridya, this kashayam also tackles internal abscesses.

Weight loss and obesity control programmes from the leading Ayurveda Hospital in India can help live a healthy life. Overall, it is our lifestyle which determines our health and a healthy lifestyle with yoga, moderate exercise and walking can help us lead a healthy and risk free life.

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