The next time you have that tangy lemon pickle with your rice, remember that the medicinal lemon has been used by Ayurvedic doctors for thousands of years.

The medicinal lemon

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There is more to the humble lemon than merely tickling your taste buds or quenching your thirst on a hot day, and that is the reason why your kitchen Ayurvedic herbs garden needs a lemon tree.

Cheru narakam (Citrus limon) is a small tree native to Asia that produces small fleshy fruits. The fruit loaded with citric acid (which gives it the distinctive sour taste), its leaves, peel and seeds are extensively used in Ayurveda and in simple home remedies.

Lemons which decrease the amount of Kapha in the body are important ingredients in several Ayurvedic remedies. So the next time you chug a glass of cool lemonade, remember, you are taking in a potent and healthy drink that can do wonders for your body. Just cut down on that sugar.

Lemon as Medicine

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• This potent antiseptic which grown in your garden is said to fight off 20 varieties of harmful germs, besides being a strong antibiotic and antiviral.
• A spoonful of honey with a dash of lemon juice soothes sore throats and cures minor colds, coughs and eases flu symptoms.
• Being chock full of Vitamin C, lemons are the most effective fighters against scurvy. The Vitamin C also boosts up your immunity.
• Stomach not doing too good? Lemons are the first go to remedy for gastric issues. They improve digestion, soothe the colic pain it causes and as a good carminative, can take care of flatulence. This makes them a very important ingredient in several medicines to treat gastric issues.
• Battling weight issues? Lemon juice with hot water on an empty stomach is a proven weight loss aid since it reduces the obesity promoting Kapha in the body.
• Lemons control blood pressure, stop hemorrhages, improve circulation and cleanse blood.
• Lemons are perhaps one of the most effective agents against nausea and morning sickness. Merely smelling a lemon can do wonders here.
• Effective diuretics, lemons can also battle kidney stones and gall stones, urinary infections and promote the healthy functioning of the kidney.
• Bad breath turning people away from you? Ayurveda suggests that consuming lemon juice or rinsing with a lemon based product freshens the oral cavity and keeps bad breath/halitosis at bay.

Lemon for Skincare

The astringent properties of lemon make it an excellent skin cleanser. It also promotes healthy hair growth and is effective against dandruff. Taken internally, it cleanses and purifies the blood, fights acne, and gives the skin a healthy glow.

Lemon as Cleaner and Pesticide

The oil of lemons derived from its peel is used as a wood cleaner and furniture polish. It is also an effective and non-toxic pesticide that can be safely used around children and pets.

Lemon as Preservative

The anti-oxidant properties of the lemon make it an excellent preservative. Adding it to freshly cut fruits prevent the pieces from browning due to oxidation.

Culinary Uses of Lemon

Nothing peps up a drink like a dash of lemon juice or adds tang to a salad dressing. Lemon is used as a marinade and the candied peels and zest are popular additives in cakes and ice creams. And of course, a dollop of hot and tangy lemon pickle can turn any mundane meal into a delicious feast.

After all this, we hope you are off to get a lemon/cherunarakam plant for your Ayurvedic herbs garden. This is where you can find one.

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