As intimated earlier, the Navaratri celebrations at Itoozhi Illam Ayurveda Foundation has now been confirmed as a 4-day celebration, hosted, as usual, at the Itoozhi Illam Campus, and promises to a cultural feast for Mayyil.

Navratri 2015 Celebrations at Itoozhi Illam | The Final Program

Evening Program

6.30 pm onwards – Inauguration of the Navarati Cultural Fete 2015 by Sri Prabha Varma ( Renowed Poet ) followed by Shingari Melam ( Percussion Ensemble ) by Pratheeksha Vanitha Vadya Sangham, Chuzhali

Felicitating KM Raghavan Nambiar ( Dramatist and former Vice-Chancellor, Kerala Sangeet Nadaka Academy) by Sri KK Marar ( Artist)

Nattukeli – A folk-based music & dance program by Kannur Sangha Kala

9.30 pm onwards – Ganaharam – a unique music concert that incorporates Malayalam folk, devotionals, drama songs and film songs, by Sreeragam Kalakshethram, Chekkiyattu Kavu.

Evening Program

6.30 pm – Balavedi, Janakeeya Vayanashala Kaviliyottu presents Ormathumbathoroonjaal ( A Musical), directed by A Asokan

7.30 pm – Kathakali Recital – Story : Santhanagopalam, performed by Kesavan Namboothiri & party

Evening Program

7.00 pm – Jayaraj Warrier Show

followed by Pani “N” – Drama, presented by Janakeeya Vayanashala Kaviliyottu, directed by Ramachandran Thuruthy, Playwright – Ravindran Cheruvathoor

Evening Program

6.30 pm – Dance Recital, by VV kannan Memorial Kala Samithi, Valliyottu

7.30 pm – Mrudutarang – an Indian Percussion ensemble performance by Kalashree Dr Kuzhalmandam G Ramakrishnan and team, that includes a medley of carnatic compositions interspersed with Malayalam film compositions. Kalashree Dr Kuzhalmandam G Ramakrishnan is currently a Guinness World Record Holder of having performed continously on the Mrudangam for 501 hours !

Vidyarambham, at the Itoozhi Illam premises.

Navratri 2015 Celebrations at Itoozhi Illam | Invite

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