NCBS' attempt to preserve Ayurveda

Two scientists from the National Center for Biological Sciences, Annamma Spudich, scholar in residence and Indudharan Menon are attempting to preserve Ayurveda for posterity, (employing every single aid in media communication available at this age) the great system of the Ashtavaidya Ayurvedic tradition of Kerala.

According to Ms. Spudich as quoted on the NCBS website, “The unique Ashtavaidya Ayurvedic tradition of Kerala evolved as a result of the centuries-old interaction between text-based Ayurveda practices and regional folk medical practices utilizing Kerala’s rich medicinal flora. Ashtavaidyas, repositories of the unique confluence of these health traditions, have contributed to Kerala’s rise as a prominent center for Ayurveda practice today”. A sentiment that is held close to every physician associated with Itoozhi Ayurveda today, a generation that cherishes the treasured legacy of the past, yet open to exploring new frontiers in Holistic Health and Healing.

Read about the effort to preserve Ayurveda as reported in the Times of India here.

For staying up-to-date on this commendable effort by the NCBS, you could keep in touch with the Center here.

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