Nasya is a treatment method belonging to the Panchakarma or Pradhanakarma therapies in Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal system in India. It is the therapeutic administration of herbal oils and powder through the nostrils.

This treatment is based on the Ayurvedic conviction that the nostrils are the entrance to the head. Medicines administered through the nostrils assure a better access to head and thereby cures ailments affecting there.There are different kinds of Nasya. The Virechana (purgatory) Nasya cleanses the interiors of the nostrils. Virechana Nasya has two variations- Marsha Nasya and Pratimarsha Nasya. Brumhana Nasya has some nourishing qualities attached to Virechana Nasya.

Shamana or palliative Nasya in Panchakarma is administered to bring Shamana (relief) to some ailments affecting the nostrils and related organs. The treatment is performed in the nostrils of a patient lying on her or his back. After dripping the medicine in the nostrils of the patient, her/ his nose, cheeks, neck, palms, shoulders and feet should be gently massaged. Nasya cures many serious ailments like loss of consciousness, stupor, insomnia, chronic headaches, hysteria and facial paralysis.

Here is a short video on the Nasya Treatment.

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