Migraine is one of the most disturbing diseases known to man, which though does no serious harm, can cause enough disruptions to your life, for you to take treatment. Most migraines are very painful, but there is one which is not painful. An ocular or ophthalmic migraine is a painless migraine! These are, however, associated with visual disturbances in both eyes. You may be prone to experiencing flickering or flashing lights, lines, stars, or blind spots that can deter your vision. Other terms used by eye doctors to describe ocular migraines include ophthalmic migraines, retinal migraines and eye migraines.

An ocular migraine begins with a sparkling and shimmering area that has a jagged border and that gradually spreads outward. It causes a small blinding spot that enlarges and blocks your vision temporarily. The brightness begins at the edge of your field of vision and gradually spreads to your line of vision. Zigzag lines or stars may also be seen.
So far, the cause of such a migraine is still a mystery. Though there are no specific causes that can be related to just an ocular migraine, the reasons are the same, although a migraine manifests differently in different people. If an ocular migraine-like vision disturbance is followed by a throbbing, usually one-sided headache, this is called a “migraine with aura” (previously called a classic migraine), and the visual disturbance is referred to as an aura rather than an ocular migraine.

It’s also possible, though less common, for an ocular migraine and a migraine headache to occur simultaneously, causing visual disturbances and unilateral (one-sided) or bilateral (two-sided) head ache at the same time, or for an ocular migraine to follow a migraine headache.

Ayurveda prescribes lifestyle changes to combat Migraine of any type and also herbal medicines to counter the effect of such occurrences. Leading Ayurvedic Hospitals conduct regular Eye Clinics to detect and effectively treat them.

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